Larger Than Life- Well, At Least One Of Them Was.

Hello to our lovely followers!

First, let us apologise for not getting a blog post out to you for the last episode, life became unexpectedly and extremely busy for us both. Also, unfortunately Abby was not able to get the Facebook Live function to work, so she couldn’t show you the cool sights of London. However, she will remedy that by including some pictures in this blog!




Anyway, on to our newest episode about folktales! We both chose to talk about our favourite folktales. For Dave it was Paul Bunyan, the larger than life lumberjack with a blue ox. Abby chose a true knight, well King, in shining armour, King Arthur.

For those of you who love to hear the background behind an episode, let me tell you the inspiration for this episode came from my craving of pancakes, yes pancakes. Paul Bunyan and Babe his big blue ox loved pancakes! Thus this latest episode was born and if you can listen to the whole thing and not feel hungry for pancakes then congratulations to you!

Both Paul and Arthur have been incarnated as Disney characters in their folklore and since we’re both Disney lovers all the more reason to love these larger than life characters seen below!


Do you have a favorite folktale you’d like share? Please feel free to email us at to let us know and as always give us a follow at It’s Across the Pondcast on Facebook and iTunes.



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