Do You Have a Parking Meter for that Elephant?

This week’sUntitled design episode of It’s Across the Pondcast we explored some unique laws that are still active in both America and Great Britain. While as crazy as they may seem, we’d like to point out that, at least in most cases, something had to happen to initiate said laws going on the books so keep that in mind during the episode.

One of our personal favorites is the law in the state of Florida that if you park your elephant at a parking meter you must pay the meter. I suppose this makes sense in if you’re using the space you should pay the meter, but I have to wonder how many people are riding an elephant on their morning commute. Better yet, how would one put a ticket on an elephant?

On the surface, it seemed the crazy laws in Great Britain are slightly more logical than those in America though the ban on having salmon in suspicious situations is certainly a “fishy” one. An equally weird law regarding fish exists for the state of Ohio in which you can’t get a fish drunk. Since fish live in water, I’d imagine you’d have to put them in a bowl of alcohol to achieve this and though I’m no ichtyhologist I feel like the fish would’t survive that adventure.

Overall, I think we were quite surprised by all the unique laws out there that are still on the books. If nothing else these could aide you in a successful trivia night!

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